Business Model


  • Project Based Pricing

    What is Project Based Pricing?

    Project based pricing is a fixed pricing model providing one flat fee for a specified project. This model is best suited when project requirements, specifications and scope are definitive. This model provides a neutral ground between hourly-pay and performance-pay.

    Before initiating the project both project requirements and quote are locked. Reliability in price and efficiency in work is certain. This model requires elaborate and substantial agreement so there is fair result to both client and service provider. Every intricate aspect of the work should be included in the agreement to get the best result to both parties. Milestone based pricing is applied where achieving every milestone requires a part of payment.

    What it means to clients?

    Clients know exactly what they are getting and for what price. The details of the agreement and time frame for each phase should be explicitly defined. One limitation a client comes across is adapting the project requirements on the go. Planning ahead is necessary for unanticipated requirements once the project is initiated.

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  • Resource Based Pricing

    What is Resource Based Pricing?

    This pricing model is implemented where specifications and scope cannot be defined and may change dynamically during the execution of the project. It allows the customers to pay only for the resources used & deployed. This model proves to be efficient & cost effective to those businesses whose resources and budget are limited and to those businesses who cannot adapt to the new resource requirements instantly.

    What it means to clients?

    This model provides a great range of flexibility to change requirements during the process. We first evaluate the available resources with the organization and determine if development can be initiated. In some cases the available resources may not be sufficient to sustain the volatile market, at that time the existing resources are first exhausted and then according to the need we get new resources so as to get the best competitive advantage in the market. The project rate is fixed based on the resources and time consumed during the development phase.

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  • Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Pricing

    What is Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Pricing?

    Build Operate and Transfer model is where one provider receives authorization to finance, build and operate day to day activities for a certain period of time and then transfer it to the client. Meanwhile the provider is entitled to charge necessary expenses occurring during the maintenance.

    What it means to clients?

    The BOT model avoids all the initial execution problems, hence reduces the risk of incurring additional expenses to fix it. This option gradually progresses in solving all the obstacles at minimum risk to the client. Client and provider can fix the length of time and price for operational and transfer phase.

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