Data Science

AI/ML Consulting, Strategy & Implementation

Verudix AI/ML practice builds AI/ML powered products, develop machine learning algorithms, Predictive & prescriptive analytics to clients to overcome critical business challenges.

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We work closely with all business stakeholders to develop customized solutions using ML/AI, and Advanced Analytical Solutions to develop ready to deploy models using prescriptive & predictive analytics, NLP, Cognitive and Digital Twin models

Verudix AI and Automation Services provide a variety of intelligent chatbot-driven offerings to streamline and accelerate query and issue resolution for your enterprise.

Built on industry-leading platforms like MS Cortana, etc., our services and solutions can be easily applied across industries, to diverse functions like HR, finance, IT, procurement, and more to provide a comprehensive chatbot experience for enterprises.

Knowledge Bot

  • Customer self service
  • Operational assistance
  • Enterprise functions

Action Bot

  • Service requests
  • Business queries
  • Enterprise functions