Mobile Games Development

Mobile Game Development

Smart phones have emerged as revolutionary devices that give immense functional value to the users. They are no more only a communication device. These devices form a major source of entertainment. Creating games is all about making the user engrossed and wanting for more.

Verudix is a major offshore mobile game development company who offers designing and developing mobile games across a wide array of platforms like 3g, 4g, android, blackberry, windows mobile, J2ME etc. Mobile gaming development forms a major element of Verudix's portfolio.

iPhone and iPad offer an excellent platform for game development with high quality touch screens and powerful processors.

Features of Mobile Gaming Development

  • To provide a flawless game, designing forms a crucial part of this phase. Specifications are laid out to the last detail leaving a little scope for modifications. So the clients can see their concept develop in to a product.
  • Depending on the nature of the game and platform, we choose the right technology to provide you with rich GUI based games.
  • While developing, constraints like small screen size, processing power graphics quality is taken in to consideration.