Verudix Development Methodology

  • Brainstorm

    Based on your business needs, we will develop creative ideas to solve difficult design problems, create a revolutionary new product, improving on an existing product.

  • Storyboard

    A proof-of-concept model may be required to visualize product idea and project complexity, viability, development efforts, resources and timeline.

  • Design

    Once an idea is brainstormed, we will incorporate it in a preliminary design, keeping design as simple as possible while ensuring all requirements are satisfied.

  • Model

    Using the parameters established with the storyboard as a guide, complete data and object models are created in the development framework to manage effective communication.

  • Prototype

    An accurate functional prototype of the product is created using Rapid Prototyping methodology.

  • Refine

    Customer feedback and functional evaluation of the prototype drive final design, functional changes and improvements that are implemented before freezing the design for production ready application development.

  • Document

    Documentation throughout development process is very crucial to success of any software engineering project.

  • Development

    With our tailor made development services we customize each projects needs and each organizationals goals bringing your ideas to life through rapid, adaptable, collaborative, lightweight, time-boxed and iterative software development.

  • Testing & Debug

    We consistently test the application at various stages of development and iteratively improve performance and quality of application(s).

  • Launch

    Developed product tested in Dev, UAT and launch a bug-free application in PROD environment.